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From a early age I gravitated to all things electronic and computer related.  My first computer was a Radio Shack CoCo (Color Computer) with 4K of RAM and I would load programs from cassette tape or a ROM cartridge on the side.

I was also an entrepreneur.  My first money making venture was selling empty egg cartons.  When I was in high school they built a new science building.  The only probleggcartonem was that the acoustics were horrible.  The physics teacher decided to use empty egg cartons to try and improve the acoustic qualities of his classroom.  Our science teacher, willing to trade extra credit for empty egg cartons would give any student 1 extra point on their final grade for each empty egg carton, up to ten.  I seized the opportunity and purchased clean, empty egg cartons at the grocery store where I worked.  I then resold them for $1 each and turned an easy profit.

ASCII Success Summit – Atlanta 2014

Both of these inclinations proved to be helpful in my future endeavors.  Over the years I have owned businesses and held C-level positions.  All of them were educational and most of them were successful.   I continue to work in the technology industry where I train and consult with IT service providers in using the GFI MAX family of products to run their businesses.  I have held what many would consider more lofty positions but none more fun or rewarding than this one and it gives me the personal time I lacked in my previous ventures to raise four wonderful children and pursue other personal interests like this blog.

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For more work related information see my Linked In profile:  www.linkedin.com/in/esanthony/

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“The crime which bankrupts men and nations is that of turning aside from one’s main purpose to serve a job here and there.”

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