WARNING! Your Brain is Almost Full

OK, I admit it after 40 something years on the planet I cannot remember everything anymore. I also wish Mr. Allen had come out with GTD sooner. Everyone’s brain works differently so what works for me may not work for you but I thought I would waste just a little virtual paper here to share what has worked for me.


Getting Things Done methodology. Getting Things Done has changed my personal productivity life to the same magnitude that The E-Myth changed my entrepreneurial life. The two main things that I subscribe to are getting everything out of my head and recorded elsewhere; and putting it someplace where it will be available when I need it or remind me at the appropriate time. To accomplish this, I have three main tools…

– Moleskine notebooks – I currently have three divided up this way…
– Work General – large Moleskine, hard cover
– Work Demo Journal – ex-large Moleskine, softcover
– Personal – Evernote edition Moleskine Cahier
– Outlook – any email client will work
– Physical inboxes – one at home and one at work to collect all the things I need to process.
Evernote is the one ring that rules them all.  Anything that I need to capture permanently goes into Evernote.  With the scannable app on my iPhone it makes getting receipts, pages from my notebooks and random pieces of information into Evernote quickly and easily.  Evernote serves as the center point of my system now primarily due to the fact that I can flow all of my digital and physical items into it and it provides the most versatile searching capability of all of them.  The other advantage to Evernote is that it is available anywhere, on any device, or the web.

Outlook is my email client for work so I use it for all of my calendar, reminders and tasks at work.  For personal email I use the standard email app on my Mac.  If I need to create reminders from items in my personal email I forward them over to Evernote and create a reminder there.