What is Our “Net Effect” on Ourselves and Society?

This is a very interesting TED talk by Tristan Harris.  He starts out talking about the topic of how better tech could actually help cut down on the distractions we face in our ever-connected society.  He then segues into  measuring the value of our time using distraction as a cost against the value of what we are doing.

So how do we measure our own “Net Good Times”?  How do we measure our “Net Effect on Society”?  We are either creating a positive impact on ourselves or we are creating a positive impact on the world.  How do we set goals in these terms?  What if we instead of focusing on technical features, revenue goals and other common measurements, we thought of the “human goals”.  How to we improve ourselves and how to we improve society?

Design thinker, philosopher, entrepreneur
Tristan Harris helps the technology industry more consciously and ethically shape the human spirit and human potential.