MAX 2014

OK, I must admit I was a little swamped with preparation for the MAX 2014 User Conference. I apologize for the delay in new articles and will resume this week. For now, here are some of my highlights from MAX 2014.

First, let me say that the new community team, lead by Dave Sobel, really knocked it out of the park. This was my first MAX conference as an employee instead of a customer/guest speaker and as I expected, it was even more fun as an employee. Getting to see all of the partners that I communicate with on a regular basis was awesome.

Speaking of awesome, I had the privilege of introducing Karl Palachuk from for his breakout session. If you don’t know Karl you should. Karl’s website was my guide for the why and how of setting up processes in my managed services business. Those processes are why I was able to sell my business in 2013 rather than simply walk away. I also had the privilege to introduce Manuel Palachuk his brother who spoke on the Ten Golden Rules of Using a PSA. If you didn’t catch their sessions I encourage you to check out their websites.

Karl Palachuk:
Manuel Palachuk:

The addition of the Tech Pods at the conference this year allowed myself and fellow sales engineers to really interact with customers and the product in a more immersive way. The only problem…we needed more of them!

There was a lot of buzz around ServiceDesk, especially with all the new features like Quickbooks integration that we have recently released. I also got to spend significant time with the Product Director for ServiceDesk and shared all of the great ideas our partners have shared with me during Tech Walks and via email. If you didn’t catch my presentation on ServiceDesk, drop me a line or comment here and I will get it out to you.

It was great catching up with old friends and making new ones and I can’t wait for MAX 2015 in Washington DC!