MAX 2015 – Focus on LogicCards

Portrait1aI had the pleasure this year of being at not one but two MAX 2015 conferences.  During my years as a MAX customer, I had the pleasure of not only attending but also speaking at the first two US conferences.  This year, my second as an employee at LogicNow, I had the new experience of attending and speaking at the MAX 2015 UK conference.

The content at both was top notch and the headliner for both was LogicCards.  From discussions I have had with many of you; some get it and some aren’t sure.  I think what everyone needs to know about them is that they are important and evolving.  Like many of the groundbreaking technologies we use everyday, LogicCards are based on big data.  Piles and piles of data can be mined for relevant pieces and those relevant pieces of data come together to give us insights, warnings and solutions to our daily tasks.  LogicCards does the same for your MAX RM Dashboard.

Now I did not write this to impress you with the current state of LogicCards but to impress upon you the importance of what it will be.  I have had the privilege of working with the data team on several LogicCards and there are more coming all the time.  As the data and the insights evolve so will LogicCards.  Right now, LC’s are helpful.  What they will evolve into is essential.  At the rate of change in IT, we will need – not want, the analytics and machine learning that LC’s will provide.  MSP’s will need them to stay ahead of threats and maintain stability for their clients’ systems.

The bottom line here is that big data is behind the some of the most exciting developments happening around us.  LogicCards is that development for the IT industry.