Selling Cybersecurity to Small Business

As a former small-business owner, I understand the attitude of “I am too small to be targeted by cybercrime.”  The problem is that as larger businesses harden their security, criminals are looking for easier targets.  The other thing that is changing is the automation of exploits.  The end result is that small businesses are now the easiest target as automation increases the ROI for criminal activities against multiple targets of lesser value.

If you need resources for ideas on what to educate your customers on, check out some of these sources:
Cybersecurity Tip Sheet from the FCC
Cybersecurity: A Small Business Guide from Business News Daily
Congress Addresses Cyberwar Against Small Business from CNBC

Therefore it is up to you the MSP to educate your customers on the threat and convince them they need a higher level of protection against an ever-growing threat.  Here are some ideas for educating your customers.

  • Email Campaigns
  • Lunch & Learn
  • Video Tutorials or Webinars
  • Articles for Chamber/Business Org Newsletters

Email campaigns – if you don’t already have a GOOD way to send email to your client base, I strongly suggest Mail Chimp.  It creates good looking emails, handles unsubscribes and produces great data for you to understand how well your campaign was received.

Lunch & Learn – These require a bit more work than any of the other suggestions on the list but they can also be the most effective.  Often you can get a vendor or guest speaker to come in which boosts your credibility even higher.  The biggest advantage is that you get their undivided attention for a longer period of time than any other opportunity on the list.

Video Tutorials and Webinars – are more personal than emails and have been proven to increase conversion rates when trying to get clients respond to a call to action.  These are also great opportunities to bring in outside experts.

Are you ready to get started educating your clients on protecting themselves?  I am considering putting together a small biz cybersecurity marketing package with resources, graphics, templates, and outlines for the activities listed above.  Comment below and let me know if something like that would be worth it to you.

Who is Eric Anthony?  I am a former MSP who now works for the worlds largest SaaS solution for MSPs.  I enjoy working with the MSP community and learning all about SaaS and the implications of the new “as-a-Service” economy.  In my spare time I am a soccer/volleyball dad-chauffeur and like to pan for gold.