The MSP Toolbag


What’s in your bag? I have been asked many times what I supplied my technicians with in terms of tools, spare parts and software. These items can be the difference between getting the job done on the first visit or having to come back another day.

Please comment with your suggestions and ideas.

Also, please support these software vendors. You are making money with their software, pay for it or donate.

All of this including parts should fit in a backpack and a large plastic tote.

Good quality 10-in-1 screwdriver
Mini Philips screwdriver
Mini Torx screwdriver
Needle nose pliers
Power supply tester
USB to PATA/miniPATA/SATA adapter
Electricians scissors
CAT5 crimper
Compressed air (can or replaceable CO2 version)
500GB/1TB hard drive for backups and file transfer
Netbook PC
Pocket wireless access point
Basic cable tester
Tone generator/detector set

Heat sink grease
Small spool of CAT5 cable & ends
CAT5 wall jacks
Variety of screws, jumpers, standoffs, etc.
Velcro tie wraps
Zip ties

Fans (various sizes & types)
Power supply
USB NIC adapter
USB wireless network adapter
8-Port switch
Basic router
DVDRW drive
Internal power splitter cables
Power cables
Various sizes of CAT5 cables
USB cables
Power strip

Software (on USB & CD)
Network discovery (GFI Languard, NetworkView, or similar)
Various OS CD’s & DVD’s
Bootable Windows & Linux CD/DVD’s (Falcon, Ubuntu, Hirens, etc.)
KonBoot (Commercial version –
Acronis Backup (
Fab’s Autobackup Pro (
D7 repair tool (
Unstoppable Copy (
Wireshark (