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Using Your Remote Management Tool to Increase Sales

20140726-081418-29658959.jpgIn the early days of my managed services business it was rare for us to walk in to a new customer and sign them to a managed services contract. It was much more common for us to engage them first on a break/fix level. Even on a break/fix engagement though we would do a simple network assessment and install our agent on the client’s network.
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MAX I.Q. Blog – Top tips for improving customer service using a service desk

Here is another article I wrote for the MAX I.Q. blog…

With all the tools and technology at the fingertips of IT service providers today there is less and less differentiation with regards to technical ability and availability of features. What then is the factor that makes a business owner or manager choose one service provider over another?

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The E-Myth – You’re not just a technician anymore

I get asked all the time what the difference between my first computer business and the second was.  My answer, which usually causes a raised eyebrow, is the E-Myth.  This one book revealed in vivid technicolor the difference between owning a job and owning a business.  It was the difference between me abandoning my first business of 10 years and being able to sell the second after only 7.

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How I Priced My Managed Service Offerings

Pricing Models
Many people ask me how I priced my managed services offering. Architetto -- Cassa d'epoca by Anonymous - Retro cash register by Francesco 'Architetto' Rollandin.There are about as many ways to price your offering as there are MSP’s. I will try to give you some ideas here to help you come up with your own pricing based on the way you run your business. Read as much as you can though from other sources as well because there are many different pricing models to consider. Continue reading How I Priced My Managed Service Offerings

MAX I.Q. Blog – How to structure SLA delivery using your service desk

An article I wrote for the GFI MAX I.Q. blog in June of 2014


Service Level Agreements can be a serious subject for many MSP’s. While SLA’s are common in medium sized businesses and enterprise environments, they are not so common with smaller customers. This doesn’t mean you should ignore SLA’s if your client base is smaller. Whether you provide formal SLA’s or you just want to make sure you are delivering a level of service that meets your standards, monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for service delivery is critical to maintaining customer satisfaction.

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AllThingsMAX Blog – What About Those Blue Screens?

An article I wrote for the AllThingsMAX blog…

In my past experience as an MSP it was not uncommon for us to get a phone call that a customer’s PC was down and when we got into diagnosing it we found that the machine had “blue screened” many times in the days, sometimes months, before the customer called.  So the question is how do we, as service providers, find out about these events when they happen instead of waiting for a total failure? 

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