Happy New Year!

As we look back into last year and make our resolutions for the next, I have a comment to make. For Christmas I received a Jawbone UP24 from my lovely wife. After using it for the last several days I have made a revelation of sorts. This is not something I didn’t know but what I did not realize is how powerful it can be.

If we care about something enough to measure it, we will more likely succeed at it. Setting goals is great because if you don’t know where you want to go you will never get there. Making progress towards that goal however takes measurement of incremental successes and failures. This is exactly what my Jawbone and its companion app on my iPhone allow me to do for my health. At work, I use ZOHO reports and Excel spreadsheets to do the same thing. In each case I am seeing daily results towards my larger goal and I can make instant, micro adjustments every day to modify my outcome.

There are some keys to success with this process:
1. Data must be collectable, easily collectable. The more automated the better.
2. Review of the data must happen regularly, daily, weekly, whatever; without fail.
3. You must take action on the data or it doesn’t matter.

Think about how you are going to measure your path to your New Years resolutions so that you can enjoy the minor successes along the way.