How Much Does a Breach Cost?

Data-Breach-Risk-Host-ReportThe cost of a data breach can cripple any size business.  Being an MSP means taking on some of the risk for the client.  Knowing what data is at risk is the first step to finding out the level of risk.  Once you know what data exists and how much data there is you can assign a dollar value to that data if it were to be compromised.

So what constitutes “at-risk” data?  There are the obvious answers:

  • Credit Card Numbers
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Drivers License Numbers
  • Bank Account Information

There can be others like patient ID numbers or business specific sensitive data.

What types of businesses have “at-risk” data.  The short answer, almost all businesses have sensitive data that could be valuable to would be hackers.  If they take credit cards, process payroll or are in the medical or legal verticals, they have data that needs to be monitored.

The new MAX Risk Intelligence platform allows you to assess and monitor important data.  In combination with the MAX Remote Management platform, you can schedule daily, weekly or monthly scans to see if data has been added, modified or moved.  One of the most powerful features is the ability to actually show the potential liability, in dollars, your client has in the case of a breach.  The tool also helps you to maintain PCI compliance by running scheduled PCI specific scans and providing reports detailing endpoint specific details.

So what is the cost of a data breach?  Industry standards put the cost of a breach at $200 per piece of data.  That means even a small business with 30 employees taking 20 or 30 credit card payments per day could generate $156,000 in liability in a single month.

Protect your clients by keeping them informed of their risks while helping them with compliance.  Find out more using the link below.