Why Advertise Break/Fix – Growing Your MSP Incrementally – Part 3

Monochrome iconA recent comment showed up on LinkedIn that I thought I would take a bit further.  The observation was that there was a statistic that an MSP doing lead generation noticed that they got 2-4 times more leads from break/fix marketing than from marketing with MSP messaging.  I think this is highly informative and explainable.

When do you seek out a plumber?  An electrician?  When you need work done.  Most of us (me included according to my wife), only seek out services when we need them and sometimes only in extreme circumstances.  The same is true of IT services, especially in the micro/mini-SMB space.  The other problem here is that, as the top end of the SMB space is starting to mature in terms of the MSP model, the lower end of the space can hardly spell MSP.  They don’t know what it is and they don’t understand why they need it.  Some would say that the lower end of the SMB space is not worth going after.  My opinion is that there is a lot of potential for the small to mid-size MSP who can standardize across a large group of small SMB’s.

They key is not to abandon the strict MSP model but to use break/fix work as a marketing tool rather than part of your solution.  Use break/fix interactions to start a conversation about keeping their IT systems running with less downtime and a more predictable (and often lower) expense.  Remember that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, even if that single step is managed AV.