MAX 2015 – Day One

20140809-075023-28223071.jpgIt’s all about the data.  With the revelation of LogicCards yesterday, LogicNow ushers in a new era of using the power of data and people to predict issues and prescribe solutions in the managed services realm.  This use of deep but anonymous data combined with the experience of thousands of IT experts creates a value to the MSP that cannot be matched by any competitor in the space.

For larger MSPs, LogicCards will act as another pair of eyes watching the dashboard and making sure that anomalies are being addressed and best practices are being followed.  In a large dashboard with hundreds of devices, this could be a significant amount of time saved, and LogicCards doesn’t ask for time off.  Smaller MSPs gain from the knowledge and experience of the community, helping them to grow their businesses with intelligence.  Furthermore, all MSPs using LogicCards are now able to leverage the power of big data and analytics in their business regardless of size.

On a related note, I had in interesting conversation last night about the future of the industry and I put into words something that I had thought about but not yet articulated.  Data is emerging as the most valuable resource on the planet.  Many MSPs already know this intrinsically but what does it mean to their business models?  Devices are becoming disposable, cloud infrastructure is becoming commoditized, the future value proposition then is making sure clients can reach their data consistently, in a form that they can consume and ensuring that it is safe from theft or corruption.  What do you think?

Hats off to day one…getting ready for day 2.  #MAXCC