MAX RM Check Clearing Options

It has been a while since MAX released the feature to be able to have options pop up when clearing checks.  Therefore I thought I would briefly cover them in a blog post given some recent interest on LinkedIn.

See the YouTube short version here:

The check clearing options allow you to set 24×7 Check clearing and Daily Safety Check (DSC) clearing separately.  It also allows you to have the check clearing be interactive, allowing for on-the-fly selection of check clearing behavior.

To access the Check Clearing Settings select the Settings menu and choose General Settings.  Then choose Check Clearing from the options on the left.


From the Check Clearing settings you can set the check clearing policies for either 24×7 or DSC to the following options

Keep check cleared until the check passes – means the check will remain cleared until after it is no longer failing AND it fails again.

Keep check cleared until the next time the check runs – means the check will reset the very next time it runs and either pass or fail based on the new results of the check.

The really interesting option though is the “Allow user to select check clearing behavior when clearing checks.”  This option allows the user to select how the check is going to stay cleared using the two rules above OR another option that allows you to Keep check cleared until … a certain date and time.
* NOTE: At this time there is a known bug with clearing the check until a specific date and time that sets the date for 30-Nov-1999


An additional option, not shown in the Check Clearing settings is the ability to add notes when clearing a check.  If you add the option to add notes when clearing a check, the notes fields are mandatory.  You must fill out at least one of the notes fields (public or private) to clear the check.


The notes feature is really useful in larger MSPs with multiple technicians so that a reason must be given whenever a check is cleared.  This helps more than just knowing who cleared the check but requires them to give a reason for clearing it as well.