The Bullet Journal

IMG_0753Confession #1 – I like Pinterest. Don’t judge me. From DIY to building furniture, business, inspiration and productivity…there is a lot if really good ideas in a brainstormer friendly format.

Confession #2 – As most know, I am a huge tech guy. I have done note taking on almost every platform since the Palm III and come away less than satisfied. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great tools out there and I am a huge Evernote fan. OK, the confession – I prefer to use olde fashioned paper and pen when taking notes and planning. My “weapon” of choice is a simple black Moleskine, squared format (I am an engineer after all).

And here comes the connection, about a week ago I ran across something called “bullet journaling” on Pinterest. Now on Pinterest it is geared more toward the female audience but the principles apply for anyone who wants to keep an organized and highly functional journal. After doing some research and trying out some different things for myself I have come up with the following system.
1. Pages 1 & 2 – Index to record important pages in the journal
2. Pages 3 & 4 – Symbol Key & Reference page
3. Weekly Pages – 2 page spread for the whole week
4. Pages dated instead of numbered. Moleskine pages are unnumbered but by dating the upper left or right hand corner it is easy to find items listed in the index by date.
5. I chose not to have Monthly pages because I keep those items in my Outlook calendar.

I have included some important links and given that I am about to start a brand new journal I will follow up with some adjustments after I have used it for a while.

The Bullet Journal website:

Pinterest Bullet Journal search: Click Here