Weekends Are Not For Working…But They are For Making You Work Better!

So people who know me (or have seen me respond to an email at 2am on Saturday morning) will attest that I am not the best at following this advice…by far.  However lately I have been considering options.  It occurs to me as I get older that I need recreation and rejuvenation, not just physically but mentally.  This curiousness sparked the requisite Google/Pinterest searches.  What I found initially was this article from Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/weekend-habits-successful-people_us_559e7e54e4b05b1d028fbda2.  The infographic from the article can be seen below.  Based on this article and some other research I came up with the following list of things to do to design my weekends to accomplish what they were meant for, renewing my mind, rejuvenating my body and most importantly focusing on the relationships that matter most to me.  As you can imagine this should have a profound affect on my work life as well.

Things I am going to start doing to make my weekends more effective:
1.) Plan them before Friday.  I cannot make good use of the limited time I have if I don’t make a plan.
2.) Exercise every day in the form of play.  I have 4 kids from ages 11 to 19.  I do not need to waste time with some monotonous exercise routine when I can go hiking, play soccer/volleyball or otherwise engage with them.
3.) Do as many chores as I can during the week.  This frees up time for the important stuff.
4.) Go places.  Staying home is relaxing but there is equal value in going places you have never been.
5.) Be social.  I love my family but as a society we have restricted what we mean by family and have constricted our circle of friends.
6.) Plan for work.  If we hit the office door on Monday morning without a plan, not only will it be stressful but it will also delay when we get started.

Now obviously these are ideals and getting me to not interact on LinkedIn and company email over the weekend will be virtually impossible. I think that as long as I enjoy doing those things and getting them off my plate immediately, it is not a bad thing so long as it does not interfere with the rest of the weekend.

Do not wait for next weekend to sneak up on us to make the most of it.  Start planning now!