The Omega2 IoT Kickstarter

Omega2OK so I don’t do product endorsements and how can I with this since I won’t even receive it until November.  It is however the first Kickstarter I have ever backed and so I thought I would talk a little about why.  First, as some of you know, I am by training and degree a computer engineer.  Although my career has sent me down a slightly different path I still like to get my hands on some hardware from time to time.  I have tinkered with Arduino and before that the OOPIC but neither gave me what I was looking for.  I stumbled across the Omega 2 and here is why I backed it.

  1. Built-in Wireless.  None of the other platforms I have used came with wifi built-in which I consider essential to creating IoT prototypes.
  2. Linux Server OS.  This gives me the flexibility to code in languages I already know and the backbone of a real OS.
  3. Battery Powered.  Yes, other platforms offer this but not at this price point.

There are other features worth noting as well like the Onion Cloud platform and the apps that can be designed for the platform.

There are backer levels from $5 up to $499.  I chose the $39 level so that I could get the Omega2 Plus, Power Dock and one additional Expansion (probably the OLED Display).

I have a couple of ideas to put the Omega2 to task on that should be of interest to the MSP community but you will have to wait until I get the prototypes built to find out what they are.

I am eager to put this new platform to the test.